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If you represent a synagogue, church, school, university, corporation, etc., and are looking for an enthralling and enriching one to two hour presentation, this is for you.

The author has produced a fascinating PowerPoint presentation, which highlights the important parts of the discoveries. The lecture and accompanying presentation are suitable for any audience, regardless of their prior knowledge of the subject material, religious affiliation, etc.

This is the perfect "off the beaten track" lecture most organizations pay high prices for. During this introductory period, the author is negotiating each appearance on the basis of geographic proximity, the type of organization, etc. The results so far have created many satisfied listeners.

For more details, please call directly at (617) 721-6953,
or send an email to: lectures@thelosttemple.com

Testimonial from a Recent Presentation

Zvi Koenigsberg gave us an absolutely fantastic evening of learning and discovery.

My congregation had not had an archeologist come and speak as part of an adult education program in many years and the first thing about the evening which surprised me was how many people came based only on hearing of the topic. We had many more closeted archeology buffs than I would have imagined. Folks who I had not seen at adult education events in years, it turns out watch the Discovery channel or read archeological magazines.

Having gotten a large turnout, Zvi was utterly masterful at bringing the audience along on his journey of discovery. What was so compelling about the talk was not only the extraordinary archeological evidence he presented, but the clarity with which he explained complex topics. He was able to make listeners even with limited biblical knowledge understand how revolutionary his claims are. To say it was like reading the Da Vinci Code demeans the seriousness of Zvi's discoveries, but there was something of that Da Vinci Code excitement in hearing how his discoveries overturn age-old wisdom and will profoundly change the way we view the Bible.

I would encourage any congregation or institute of Jewish learning to have Zvi come and speak to your group. It was as provocative an evening of Jewish study as I have ever attended. You will not be disappointed.

Rabbi Daniel Judson
Temple Beth David of the South Shore
Union of Reform Judaism
1060 Randolph Street
Canton, MA 02021
(781) 828-2275

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